Thermography and Predictive Maintenance

Every year there are thousands of dollars spent on equipment failures in processing plants and industrial systems. We are fighting back against equipment failures by offering predictive maintenance through thermography. Thermography is the ability to detect and measure thermal energy emitted from an object. We use thermography to check motor control centres, PLC cabinets, high voltage breakers, motors and other electrical equipment for temperatures and heat that are much higher than normal operation. Most electrical equipment will show increased temperature before failure and through thermography and predictive maintenance you can perform maintenance long before equipment ever fails.

An infrared camera enables us to do surveys of equipment by providing a picture of heat emitted by the equipment. This heat can be trapped inside a breaker, inside a splice, or inside a motor. It is unseen by human eyes and cannot be felt through touch due to risk of electric shock or injury from moving parts. An infrared camera can see heat caused by worn out contacts or loose connections. Once detected worn out or bad components can be replaced on the next maintenance cycle or next scheduled down time before they fail and force you to shut down.

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