Grain Handling Systems

Far West Electric Ltd. Can supply you with Custom Designed PLC Software and Touch Screen Graphics to manage the Automation you require for your Family Farm Grain Dryer and Grain Handling System.

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Take your Grain Dryer and Grain Handling Controls to the cab of your combine or dining room table with our Smart Phone App designed to give REMOTE ACCESS to your Custom Designed Control System.

Receive all Alarms and Shutdowns on your Grain Dryer and Grain Handling Controls via TEXT MESSAGE, EMAIL OR A VOICE CALL

Custom Touch Screen

In your Control Room or on Smart Phone


  • High temp shut down status
  • Pressure switch status
  • Gas valve status
  • Fire Eye in alarm status
  • Motors status (on/off/faulted)
  • Wet & Dry bin level status
  • Alarms & Shutdowns status
  • Flame temp. & trend
  • Plenum temp. & trend
  • Dryer grain temp. & trend
  • Wet grain % moisture & trend
  • Dried grain % moisture & trend

Far West Electric Ltd. specializes in automation systems for the agricultural and industrial industries. Our services include the design and installation of the complete electrical systems for:

  • Grain handling systems
  • Grain dryer systems
  • Pellet & cuber mill systems
  • Intensive agriculture
  • Hay compression packaging plants
  • Much more

Underground power, trenching, electrical control panels, PLC programming, touch screen controls and Autocad drawings can be supplied for your project.  We are also a distributor of the reliable, cost effective Duraline electric motors.